Our Pickle History

Where it all began...

“I first enjoyed Caribbean pickles during a visit to Jamaica in 1991 but couldn’t find these on my return home. Pickling, of course, has long been a feature of Caribbean cuisine because it was how food was preserved before the development of refrigeration.”

“I loved the flavours and decided to see if I could create my own version of the Caribbean pickle. I found that family and friends who experienced my version genuinely enjoyed them and encouraged me to think about commercialising the pickles. I subsequently visited Jamaica again to find out more about ingredients and the whole pickling process,”

“I have to admit that it was a steep learning curve. I was encouraged by Food NI and found Erin Grove keen to advise and then to undertake processing of the pickle which involves double-jarring. They also assisted with the label and branding.

”Totally Hot features strips of peppers, onions and chilli is a spicy liquor. The product is now on sale in 190g double-filled jars at £4.50.

The product is being produced by award winning Erin Grove in Enniskillen in county Fermanagh to Carolyn’s recipe.

FRESH: Local Produce

Peppers, onions, carrots, garlic and scotch bonnets sliced and marinated in cider vinegar

HEALTHY: Once the fresh ingredients are chopped they are cooked in cider vinegar – this was used as a way of keeping the food from spoiling in the days of no refrigeration.

Today we all know the benefits of cider vinegar

TASTY: Try the pickle with:

Grilled Fish, Chicken Wraps or spice up your cheeseboard.